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About Us

We provide a layer of trust and a bridge to clarity for large commercial real estate owners and operators. Our team brings 93+ years of management and ownership experience in the technical, commercial, and consulting aspects of commercial roofing. We proudly serve our clients as a partner and owner's representative.

Our Principles


We are motivated by integrity in all that we do. 

We are unbiased and honest.


We do as we say.


We stay on the cutting edge of what is available in roofing. 


We continue to gain applicable knowledge and experience from hands-on engagement with our projects. 


We value our employees. 

We honor our relationships with the industries and people who rely on us, and who we rely on


We look to the future to inform the present.


We focus on the what is best for our clients, our company, our employees, our industry, and our community for the long term


We pledge 1% of our gross sales yearly. 


We support various nonprofit groups working toward abating global warming, serving people in need, and supporting small, sustainable businesses in their growth.    

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