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Energy Efficiency
& Solar

With our knowledge of a roof, access to local incentives information, and strong strategic partnerships, we can coordinate full package solutions for our clients.
By working directly with industry partners, we cut out the sales process and connect our clients directly to leading manufacturers, financing companies, and energy systems installers. 

Energy Efficiency Integration

Our Principles


Gain access to daylighting packages which increase sales, employee morale, and productivity.


You have the potential to create a fully financed solar and roof package which generates income, reduces net energy consumption to nearly zero, and delivers warranted, durable roof systems.  

We look out for our clients' best interests and help them get roofs that pay for themselves.


Sustainable business and partnerships benefit the environment and our  communities.


We believe in sustainable systems because we believe in stewardship.


You have choices when it comes to creating energy efficient systems.


We are here to guide you in choosing the right one for your asset, including:


  • Solar

  • Green roofs (garden roofs) 

  • Smart insulation

  • Intelligent daylighting systems/Prismatic Skylights


We make the process approachable by offering:


Feasibility consulting


Design support


Financing and tax support


Owner representation and contract administration 


Warranty and specification compliance 

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