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Project Consulting

We believe our job is to allow you to sleep better at night.
Drawing on decades of roofing experience in every corner of North America, we deliver comprehensive project services from pre-planning through post-project inspection and follow up checks.  

Project Service Offerings

We provide dedicated, professional consulting services from inception to completion. We bring deep relationships, hands-on experience, and high-integrity professionalism to serve your best interests - start to finish.


Begin with the end in mind.

  • Define project success, including goals, constraints, opportunities, and risks. 

  • Identify requirements

  • Determine budgets, risks and constraints


Quality in - Quality Out.

  • ​Analyse your site-specific roofing needs

  • Tailor the best roofing options to fit all your key requirements

  • Goals: produce a customized, detailed specification and complete bid package which serves your best interests and provides bidders with an apples-to-apples bid package, ensuring that you get high quality, qualified, and competitive bids. 


Get everyone on board.

  • We run a run high integrity, transparent bidding process that allows you to choose between contractors and manufacturers that not only want your business but ours

  • Work with your team to mitigate risks and ensure best practices are followed to tie your contract to the system, goals, and warranties specified. 

  • Provide your team with context, industry knowledge and insight, and negotiation assistance to get you the best value for your money. 

  • Goals: Deliver high quality, qualified and competitive bids. Provide you with context you need to select and awardee, then coordinate and integrate all project stakeholders and set the stage for a great project. 


Get what you paid for.

  • Quality Assurance Inspections to fit your budget 

  • Reporting to keep you in the driver’s seat. 

  • Project coordination and administration to ensure that best practices are followed, stakeholders are engaged, and communication is flowing. 

  • Goals: Provide a dedicated, knowledgeable, and engaged team serving as your eyes and ears throughout the project and make sure that you get what you paid for. 


Secure your investment.

  • Warranties from the contractor and the manufacturer

  • Final Inspection

  • Post implementation review

  • Closing report with key data

  • Goal: set you and your roof up for long term success. 

We've been able to rely on Clarity to prepare a thorough and unbiased scope of work, and then handle the vetting and bidding process. This enables us to focus on what we do best and entrust this vital process to the experts.

- Mandana Tarr, Senior PM Adler Industrial

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