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Solar Panels

Walkin' on Sunshine

What the Inflation Reduction Act Means for Your Budget and Your Rooftop Solar Opportunities


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Dan is the founder of Clarity Roof Consulting and a dedicated owner's roof specialist with a Master's in Business Administration and over a decade of experience managing construction projects.


Eight years ago, Dan had the opportunity to study the roofing industry as an outsider. Here, he recognized that large building owners across the country were missing a critical link that could enable them to change the financial and human impacts of their roof systems. The same missing link was inhibiting great contractors and manufacturers from differentiating themselves, and thus hurting both the commercial real estate and roofing industry. With this in mind, Dan founded Clarity in 2016.

As a systems thinker, sustainability advocate, and lifelong learner, Dan would like to change your expectations around what a roof can do.

Dan lives in Northern California with his wife, two young children, and a dog named Archibald.

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