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Unlocking Optimized Roof Management: Who is on the Team?

Your roof is a critical element of building performance and profitability. It can be a value-generator, or a consistent source of expenditure. Good roof management requires great decisions based on complex variables. 

Factors such as climate, building design, maintenance practices, tenant usage, rooftop equipment, lease terms, diverse roofing materials, building usage, and code requirements conspire to make decision making murky. 

Without an independent roof expert - someone with knowledge and experience who serves the owner’s best interests - these decisions are too often made using incomplete or biased information.

As they say in online services “if you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product”. Translated into roofing: if you are not paying for the information you are getting - what you are getting is a proposal, not a report.  A true, unbiased report and consultation will allow you to pull together a team of decision makers, align your specifications, bids, and contracts with your goals, and in the end deliver outsized value for the small cost of a roofing report. 

If a business is built on selling roofs, they are not necessarily incentivized to prioritize the owner's best interests, which can result in suboptimal outcomes, unnecessary risks, and high costs with minimal returns.

“You must stop asking yourself, “How can I accomplish this?” That question, although common, leads to mediocre results, frustration, and a life of regrets. A much better question is: “Who can help me achieve this?”
- Who Not How by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy

So who can help you deliver the best value to your investors? A trusted, independent roofing expert aligned with the ownership team, who serves as a long term extension of that team: an unbiased consultant who sits on your side of the table, and provides an open book of quality information and a toolkit of knowledge and relationships. 

Together, you can prioritize and execute roofing decisions that save money, mitigate risk, and drive value. 

If you manage large buildings and/or a large portfolio of buildings and are reliant on roofers or high-cost consultants for your information, we can to help you -  schedule a consultation with us now.


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