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Summertime, and the roof is... how is it?

We know that right now you - like most of our clients - are likely up to your ears in tenant ins and outs, focused on tenant satisfaction, taking COVID-related admin in stride… and if that weren't enough, you're doing this all in the midst of capital projects planning season.

You’re awesome!

To help lighten your load, here are a few timely roof management tips:

1) Extend roof life, if there is serviceable life remaining in your roof. Make sure your maintenance has been done thoroughly and addresses early failure points in the roof such as seams, flashings, and wall transitions. If you recently completed a maintenance project, HVAC maintenance, and/or Tenant Improvements - get an "after" inspection to ensure that your bases are covered and your due diligence is done. If you need a scope, our Basic Annual Maintenance Checklist and Property Manager's Roof Review offer further guidance.

2) Plan for supply disruptions and material cost increases. Start bidding out your 2022 work and build in a contract clause that outlines how you will work with the presumptive awardee if material price increases hit in the interim. (Those price increases may hit multiple times.)

3) Limit risk - measure twice and cut once. In other words, bid using thorough project packages which detail the full project, include lump sums and limit change orders. With low material availability and high prices, change orders or other surprises could hurt more than usual in the next two years.

If you're concerned about getting all of this done while also delivering on the "in your face" priorities, grab some time on our schedule. We guide facility owners and managers to find your key project levers, work as an extension of you and your team, and provide you with a toolkit for getting it all done. We are here to help you manage the hidden asset that is your roof while you focus on what you do best: spinning 20 plates while keeping your tenants and stakeholders happy.


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